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Established in 1991 by Leslie Gerber-Seid, Gerber-Seid Fine Art provides advisory services for novice and seasoned collectors of contemporary art, introducing clients to works of art by emerging, mid-career and established artists.

Leslie Gerber-Seid received significant recognition in the late 1990’s for regularly mounting unique shows featuring works by then-emerging artists.  Gerber-Seid earned a reputation for identifying and championing many new artists who would go on to become major figures in the art world, some of whom are now collected by major museums throughout the world.

Advisory Services

Drawing on over 20 years experience, Gerber-Seid Fine Art works with galleries, artist’s studios and auction houses both domestic and international.

Gerber-Seid assists in all aspects of collecting.  We provide a highly personalized service, educating and navigating clients through the complexities of the art world.  We tailor our services individually to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.  Understanding the broad range of objectives when collecting —  from diverse aesthetic tastes to spatial requirements to meeting financial parameters, we guide our collectors every step of the way. We help clients to not only make smart decisions, but to realize the many joys of the often daunting process of collecting art.

Gerber-Seid handles all facets of the process of acquiring works of art, including site visitation, purchase and acquisition, shipping, framing and installation.  We work directly with a wide range of private clients, as well as architects and interior designers.

Leslie Gerber-Seid


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